10. april 2016

The urge for love, happiness, satisfaction and to be someone. You know what? We are all these things. Its all within us right now. We think its something we recieve form somewhere else, or someone else. But all along its you and me. We hold infinity, passion , love we have inside all the tools we need for us to be content, happy and free.

On my last post , my family said: Keep it simple, write short and understandable . I am not sure I understand whats understandeble for everyone else. So this is me and my thoughts. Maybe some will resonate, and others wont. Its the law of sosiology.

Back to the urges.

I was driving home from work after quiet a hectic day and week and felt quite high and strong from good positiv energy of acoplishment and fullfilment in nice symbiosis. Out of the blue, comes the urge to have a glass of wine. To go home and unwind with a glass of my «cruch». Why do i feel this need in this moment of victory, of owning the world, i feel the need for «a cruch».

I know you can explain this with basic cemistry. The senter of reward and feeling good and where the production of dopamin and its kinds are «playing «in the brain. But there has to be a more underlying explanation . Its like i dont fully dare to sit on my horse and enjoy myself and my acomplishments. To be proud. It seems i have to soften the blow and numbe my experience of feeling great …

The urge only last a nano time of my excistence, but the impact has a much larger meening on my life and how i see myself. Not the least how i act upon it. I look forward to dive into the new leeds , on my hidden behavioral pattern.

For what it is worth; be proud of everything you do, and what you are and enjoy the ride.

So here i am, quit content with myself, and daring to take in the whole impact of my life and its context.

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